Quality and repeatability are the primary advantages of laser cutting. The computer-controlled nature of laser cutting ensures that each tube, section, or sheet is cut with pinpoint precision. Plasma or disc cutting, two well-established methods for profiling metal, are unable to match the precision of laser cutting machines, which operate within a tolerance of +0.25 mm.

A variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as stainless and mild steel, aluminum and nickel alloys, copper and brass, bronze, and titanium, can be processed by laser cutting machines. The maximum depth that laser cutters are capable of cutting varies from 10 mm for titanium to 50 mm for steel.

Laser cutting eliminates human error, as well as the associated costs, disruption, and threat of reputational damage.

The Advantages of Outsourcing

The advantages of laser cutting are shared throughout production and enable the elimination of numerous downstream processes, resulting in significant savings. For metal sheet, tube, and section jobs, exceptional cutting reduces the need for weld preparation downstream. Parts that are tightly nested are simple to remove from sheet metal, which speeds up the assembly process and reduces the number of damaged parts.

Flow drilling and tapping, countersinks of any size, and other benefits of laser cutting continue. Companies that outsource laser cutting are saving 50 to 85 percent on downstream processes. Outsourced metal profiling basically entails sending a drawing to the supplier, who then delivers materials that are fully weld-prepped and ready for assembly.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Installing in-house machinery is the first option for some businesses, but doing so necessitates costly equipment investments, extensive staff training, and ongoing maintenance costs. Consider outsourcing your project to Laser Industries, your dependable and knowledgeable subcontractor, rather than struggling to master a new production method. Consequently, what are the advantages of outsourcing laser cutting?

Cost: It costs a lot to set up a new laser-cutting facility. Machines are an enormous speculation and need significant space to be utilized securely and productively. The majority of businesses will discover that laser cutting metal components is neither a viable nor cost-effective option when you factor in the costs of staffing, electricity, and maintenance. When you can simply outsource to a reputable company, spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on a machine that will be inactive for a significant portion of its lifespan is not only unwise but also unnecessary.

Quality: It takes time to produce laser-cut parts of high quality to a high standard. Over the course of more than three decades, the Laser Support Services team has developed unparalleled expertise and experience in the production of laser-cut components and parts.

Partnering with a subcontractor like Laser Support Services will guarantee components that are produced to the highest standards with faster turnaround times if you need a quick solution to produce your laser cut components. Gaining this experience and expertise took time.

Expertise: We can confidently say that we are the leading laser-cutting company in Durban with 20 years of experience. We have encountered and resolved most issues while working with a diverse customer base.

One of the clear advantages of outsourcing your laser cutting is that you will have direct access to our knowledgeable staff when you subcontract it to Laser Support Services. They will be available to assist you, something you would not have if you tried to cut your components in-house.

We guarantee that our clients will receive the highest-quality cut parts thanks to our comprehensive industry knowledge, in-depth knowledge of materials, and cutting-edge production procedures. It is evident that Laser Support Services is the best option for any business seeking to outsource laser cutting when this is combined with exceptional customer service, short lead times, and dependable delivery.

Time: I’m guessing, laser cutting will only be one part of your project; you will also need to manage other aspects. Do you have enough spare time to make your own parts from lasers?

 It takes a long time to cut a metal part accurately. The parts have to be carefully nested together to reduce material waste, the CAD files have to be checked, the machine has to be set up right, the parts have to be cut, and the CAD files have to be checked. Laser Industries can take care of all of this and more for you, saving you time, money, and stress.

Demand: Are you in a position to handle demand? Can you quickly handle an increase in manufacturing if your products sell well? Can you handle the sharp increase in costs that will come with this increase? You would love to be able to handle this increase in a perfect world, but our experience has shown that most manufacturers are unprepared for such a rapid increase in demand. Laser Support Services’ staff is. We are able to handle the increase in demand that our customers may experience because we work round-the-clock. As a result, there is no downtime in your supply chain, allowing your products to continue selling in a market with higher demand.