What is 2D Laser Cutting?

2D Laser cutting in Durban has become essential in the manufacturing process. Laser cutting machines are controlled by an automated computer that can precisely cut out different components and parts no matter how big or small. Laser cutting machines are very accurate and are able to produce any shape that the customer demands. Laser cutting works by directing a highly powerful laser which is controlled by CNC (computer numerical control) machine to precisely cut shapes onto materials using CNC or g-code. The laser beam can then cut and burn the material to display a high quality finished surface. Steel and aluminium are some of the strongest materials to use for building especially in Durban. These materials cant deteriorate or erode from expose to the elements such as the sun, sea and rain.

The Benefits of 2D Laser Cutting in Durban

  • Laser cutting is a lot quicker than traditional methods
  • Laser cutting technology is very precise because it is controlled by a fully automated computer
  • Laser cutting machines can replicate the same design without mistake
  • Less wastage of materials
  • Safer to use
  • High precision of the machine is able to make detailed engravings
  • Laser cutting machines are able to cut a lot of different materials

Max sheet size:
4000mm x 2000mm

Max thickness:
Mild steel- 20mm
Stainless Steel – 16mm
Aluminium – 10mm



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