What is Press Brake Machine Bending?

CNC press brake machine bending refers to a fully automated machine that is easily programmed to perform repetitive tasks easily and efficiently without mistakes. Modern press brakes machine bending are a lot safer and don’t require as much manual interference as machines before it. The CNC bending machine is a pressing tool for bending sheet metal. It forms bends by pressing the sheet between a punch and die. A hydraulic press brake operates by using two hydraulic cylinders which are synchronized on the C-frame to move the upper beam. This then presses air pressure to form tonnage on the ram. Mechanical brakes used to rule the industry but since the introduction of press brake and computer-operated machines they have quickly become more popular. Press brake machines have sensors that allow them the ability to make changes to the bend during the process. These sensors send real-time information as to what specific angle is wanted.  Laser Support Services offers a wide range of services that are done by a highly experienced team.

The Benefits of Press Brake Bending

  • Press brake bending is faster and more consistent
  • Modern design allows the operator to quickly manufacture products
  • The automated machine is easily programmed to repeat the same job perfectly time after time
  • The automated machine is able to multi-task between products
  • CNC press brake machine minimizes wastage


Max length over bend:

Max tonnage:

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