Modern CNC Tube Bending

In the past manufacturers would manually bend tubes which causes a number of problems such as incorrect dimensions, poor angles, and cosmetic imperfection. Thankfully nowadays we can make precise bends using special machinery which is more efficient and faster. Our CNC bending machines are designed to precisely cut and bend to any measurement no matter how small they are. 

What is a CNC Bending Machine?

A CNC bending machine is fully automated and operated by a computer. CNC tube benders can make very difficult bends to exact precision that are impossible to do by hand. Our CNC bending machines can cut and bend to measurements of just a few millimetres. We are able to accurately cut stainless steel and aluminum tubing for any project.

The Benefits of CNC Tube Bending

  • Fully automated
  • More precise than manual bending
  • Less expensive than doing it manually
  • Reducing the risks of leaks that could occur from welding
  • CNC bending gives a smoother finish than welding
  • Able to produce higher quantities when doing CNC tube bending
  • Consistent repeatability

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