Laser cutting and CNC bending Tips and Information!

What is the current state of the steel market?

The importance of local steel production has been highlighted by rising freight logistics costs, supply disruptions brought on by the pandemic, and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In 2021, there was a shortage of steel in South Africa, raising prices and prompting some...

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What is Laser Cutting and how does it work?

What is laser cutting? A laser cutter is a type of CNC machine. CNC stands for computer numerical controlled. A laser cutter is a manufacturing tool that uses a laser beam to cut materials to create patterns or designs. With a laser cutter you can fabricate parts or...

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About Laser Support Services

Laser Support Services was established back in 2003 and is now one of the biggest and most versatile laser cutting and CNC bending service centers in KZN.
We pride ourselves in providing fast and efficient services to customers both big and small.